With the present the Staff communicates the following change, fix and new implementations:
Mob, Boss and Metin
- Nerf HP Regen and update race (now Orc) of Gargoyle, Arges, King Wobba, Polyphemos, Red Chief and Bone Face - Nerf HP Regen of Metin of Wrath and of Calamity - King Flame obtained aggressive - Fixed the race of Spider Eggs (now Animal) - Death Reaper, Giant Beast, Red Chief, King Wobba, Polyphemos, Priest Baljit, The Pursuer updated from grade 5 to "Boss" - Demon King, Proud Demon King, Tartaros, Hell Bastard, Erebos, Azrael's Spawn, Servant of Anubis updated from "Boss" to grade 5 - Ignitor, Szeal, Samael and Belfagor updated from grade 4 to grade 5 - Samael Reincarnated and Risen Belfagor updated from grade 4 to "boss"
- To have a Shaman and a Ninja in the team is not necessary to join in Nemere Dungeon
- Updated Leader's Book quest. Now is possible to obtain a Leader's Book every 5 "Boss" grade mob killed (no mob level limit) - Added 7 new quests useful to know the Capital's NPC - Updated Teleport Ring
- Updated description of skill bonus scaling - Fixed timing of Dispel - Added +50% time for auto buffs of War, Sura and Ninja skills - Added +25% time for Stealth - Added +100% time for party buff of Shaman
- Improved drop in Thunder Mountains map - Improved drop of Enchanted Item from Metin Stones (100%) - Added Piece of Fabric, Piece of Fabric+ and Unknown Medicine+ in the first floor or Azrael's Catacomb - Improved drop of Demon's Gem+ in the Devil's Tower
Minor Fix, Update and Other
- Improved the Spawn Boss Seal and updated the relative description - Fixed the Turnback bug of Goch, Myrmidones and Gow - Fixed the client crash caused by the use of Shadow and Panker - Fixed the Black King Costume (m) for Sura - Fixed the Skins which were obtained without bonuses - Fixed some translations and item names - Improved the up of armours lv61+9, now can be up using Blessing Scroll and Dragon Scroll - Updated Discord invitation link in-game - Added Teleport Ring available from Shopkeeper - Added Helper and Staff list in Friend Chat

Today 11/09/2021, at 5 PM CEST only!
Duration 48h!

Through the Event Key, which can be dropped during your adventure from any monster, you can access the Tanaka Pirate Event.
Just speak with the NPC Yu-Hwan! It's an unmissable opportunity to upgrade your Pets and Mounts!

Plus, exclusive Pets and Mounts that you won't be able to find elsewhere may come out! Come and discover the additional rewards you can get by facing and defeating the Boss!

*All the information about the event will be explained by Yu-Hwan!


- With the new patch, you can distinguish the highest bonus value by the red writing "Max" next to it.
- Updated trade mode, now you can trade Yang just by entering the quantity as shown:1kkk = 1,000,000,000.1b = 1,000,000,000,000.
- Now the item search is opened and closed with the "O" key.
- The channel changer has been translated correctly.
- Improved Boss' Dungeons Drop by reducing 'useless' items in Treasure Chests.
- Added Treasure Chests of Tiger Seal, Nine Tails, Dark Ghost leader, Flame King (with their Items).
- Added the Bone Chest from the Skeletons from the Grotto of Exile (containing pieces to craft the Hwang).
- Implemented Reorganise Inventory (you'll see an arrow on the top left once you've opened the Inventory).
- Implemented Increased Status x10 points at a time (CTRL+SX Mouse).
- Added green and violet potions from the General Store.
- Fixed the Teleport Ring.- Fixed Skill Magic Enchanted Blade bug.
- The fifth Bonus Marble is now superimposed.

Thanks again for the tips and support you give.